Launching our parent helper rota

Anthony Volunteering

We’re going to be trialling a new approach to ensuring our Beavers and Cubs have access to a broader outdoor programme by launching a new Parent Helper Rota at the end of April.

Parent Rota Request on OSM Parent Portal

Our young people’s safety is at the top of our agenda, and to ensure that we can run our programme outdoors as much as possible, we’ll need to enlist the support of more grown-ups from within the group.

Starting at the end of April, as we begin our Spring/Summer 2019 term, we’ll be setting up a new Parent Helper rota for our Beavers and Cubs sections, so that we can ensure our Beavers and Cubs have access to a varied outdoor programme.

We’ll be managing our Parent Rota by using the Online Scout Manager Parent Portal. Log in for your young person’s section and click on the Programme – for sessions where we need additional adult helpers, you’ll see something like this:

When you see this message, it means we need additional adults, or we may not be able to run the session as planned.

If you’re able to help out, you can click the “I can help” button, and we’ll send you a reminder message closer to the session time with notes on what you’ll need to do.

Don’t forget, if you’re able to help on a basis that suits you, you can find out more about our Adult Volunteer roles, or speak to a leader at your young person’s next session.