Bonus Ball Club

Help us raise funds for our Group by joining our Bonus Ball Club for £1 per entry per week.

Help us raise funds for our young people

By joining our Bonus Ball Club, you'll be helping more young people in the local area experience larger Scouting events and trips abroad

Billesley Scouts Bonus Ball Club is a small society lottery, based on the bonus ball drawn from The National Lottery’s Saturday night Lotto draws. Money raised from the Bonus Ball Club will be paid into the bank account of 325th Birmingham, 1st Billesley Scout Group and used to help the charity further its aims to actively engage and support and empower young people in their personal development, helping them to make a positive contribution to society. Donations help us to keep the costs of delivering a quality, balanced programme as low as possible and remove any financial barriers to participation.

Entry fees are split equally, with 50% of proceeds donated to 325th Birmingham, 1st Billesley Scout Group, and 50% going to the prize fund. Funds donated through the Bonus Ball Club are not eligible for inclusion in the Group’s Gift Aid claims so, if you submit a tax return to HMRC, you should not include any entry fees in your charitable donation submission in your tax return.

Summary of the rules
  • Players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • No more than three entries per person.
  • Entries may be submitted after the start date, until one or more players match three numbers.
  • Games continue to run until one or more player wins by matches 6 numbers.
  • 70% of the prize fund is shared between players matching 6 numbers (first prize)
  • 30% of the prize fund is shared between players matching the next highest amount of numbers (second prize)

With specific regards to entry fees: 

  • Entry fees may not be paid in arrears. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • If a player’s first entry fee is received after the date of the draw date shown on the entry form, the player’s join date will be adjusted by the coordinator, as long as entries are still being accepted, otherwise the entry will be void and ineligible to win.
  • Where a game continues beyond the quarter, the next quarter’s entry fees must be received before the next quarter’s first draw, otherwise player will be deemed to have left the game.

Full rules, terms and conditions are available to download along with the entry form.

This Small Society Lottery is registered with Birmingham City Council.

Current Game State

You can view the current states of all active games using the links below:

Game BB002 (Saturdays)Start Date: 01/06/2024

Play for £1 per week

Payments are made quarterly in advance, so you'll pay no more than £14 per entry, per quarter, and 50% of that will go towards our group, with the remaining 50% going to the prize fund.

For full rules, terms and conditions, attached to a handy entry form, click the link below:

Game BB002 Entry FormIncluding rules, terms and conditions

Previous Games

You can view the winning states of all previous games links below:

Game BB001 (Saturdays)16/09/2023 - 04/05/2024
1st Prize: £229.60
2nd Prize: 3 × £32.80