Meet the people who make it all possible

Let us help you put some names to the faces that you'll see on a weekly basis

Dr Lewis “Skip” Hitchen

Group Scout Leader

With overall responsibility of the Group, Lewis manages the leadership team and takes the lead running the Shire Explorer Scout Unit.


Kelly “Q” Astle-Williams

Assistant Group Scout Leader

Primarily responsible for running the Scout Troop, Kelly also helps Lewis manage the Group and ensures that we have an amazing programme.


John “Coxswain” Newsome

Group Chair

John leads the Group Executive Committee which supports Lewis and Kelly as they run the group, and looks after the Group's accounting and policy.


Stella “Tic-Tac” Taylor

Group Secretary

The first face you'll see when you arrive, Stella is responsible for taking weekly subs and making sure the group runs smoothly. She's also our camp cook.


Paul “Bagheera” Morgan

Assistant Section Leader - Cubs

Leader of our Cub Pack, Paul is one of our minibus drivers, acts as our resident DJ and helps deliver our Cub Scout programme.


Peter “Sparks” Westwood

Assistant Section Leader - Scouts

Responsible for helping Kelly deliver the Scout programme, Pete helps out across the entire group and is never far away from his knife and axe.


Anthony “Baloo” Williams

Assistant Section Leader - Beavers, Cubs

In addition to being the Assistant Beaver and Cub Scout Leader, Anthony helps with group administration and the Online Parent Portal.


Andrew “Kaa” Head

Assistant Section Leader - Cubs

Andrew helps out with our Cub Pack as a Section Assistant, and was our first adult volunteer to have made his Promise in British Sign Language!


Angela Riches

Section Assistant - Beavers

When she's not replenishing our tuck shop, Angela gives Laura valuable assistance by helping to create and deliver the Beavers programme.

We think you’d be a great volunteer!

You don't need to be Bear Grylls, and we don't need you to help out every week

We're always looking for adult volunteers to join the group and help in any way. Not just leaders, but people with skills and expertise that will give us the ability to help our young people, raise funds, build our resources and foster links with local businesses and organisations that can help us achieve our goals.

Joining doesn't mean you need to make a huge commitment to a pre-determined schedule, nor does it mean giving a fixed amount of time every week. The amount of support that you offer and the time you give to us is entirely up to you. You don't need to make the Promise, and you don't need to wear the uniform either. Help out on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly or even on an event-by-event basis.

If you work for a company that can help us, we've also got some great information on how you can help, as well as some stories that show how companies have helped us to deliver an amazing programme in the past.

Find out about adult volunteeringand the roles available to you
Learn how your company can get involvedand join other local companies who help us