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Clive, our minibus, is a Ford Transit 15-seater minibus. We are happy to loan him out to other Scout Groups in the area under the Small Bus Permit Legislation as part of Section 19 of the Road Traffic Act.

All drivers must be aged between 25 and 70 years old, must hold a full and valid UK driving licence, and have held their driving licence for at least 2 years. We reserve the right to refuse approval to any driver with 6 or more points on their licence, but will review each application on an individual basis.

We will require valid DVLA Driving Licence Check Codes for all drivers at the point of booking. We will also require new codes by the start of the booking if the end of the loan period is more than 21 days in the future. 

There is no requirement to hold a D1 entitlement, but each group must hold its own Section 19 Permit. If you are unable to fulfil the driver or permit requirements, we can discuss providing a driver for an additional charge.

The minibus must not be taken into any Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), and must not be taken out of mainland Great Britain.

The minibus will be provided with a full tank of fuel. Failure to return the bus in an acceptable state, or without a full tank of fuel, will incur additional charges.

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