News   |   21st March 2024

Our new Thursday Night Shooting Club

After weeks of preparation and hard work, our Scouts and Explorers are now learning marksmanship, and will develop their skills over the coming weeks.
Posted by AnthonyBaloo Williams

Excitement filled the air this evening as we launched our newest venture: the Thursday Night Shooting Club. After months of meticulous planning and preparation, weeks of hard work by our incredible volunteer leaders in terms of construction and training, our inaugural meeting took place, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for our young members, with a safe and local range for our Scouts and Explorers to develop their shooting skills and prepare as a team for future competitions.

Led by our dedicated volunteer instructors, the evening commenced with a thorough safety briefing, emphasising the importance of responsible firearm handling and adherence to safety protocols, before moving onto the basics. We’re proud that the Scouts and Explorers in attendance approach this aspect with the seriousness and maturity it deserved.

With safety at the forefront, our young people eagerly embraced the opportunity to get hands-on experience with rifles and pistols under the guidance of our experienced instructors. From learning proper stance and grip to aiming techniques, each participant displayed a willingness to learn and improve their skills.

The Thursday Night Shooting Club promises to be a space where our young members can develop not only their marksmanship skills but also important life skills such as focus, discipline, and teamwork. If your young person is already a member of the group and they’re interested in joining our Thursday Night Shooting Club, check OSM for details, or speak with a leader at your young person’s next session.

With a baseline set, we’re eager to see how much our young people will develop over the initial eight week programme, and look forward to our teams taking part in competitions later in the year.

Huge thanks, as ever, go to our incredible leaders, with a special shout out to Andrew and Pete for their hard work in getting the new programme off the ground, and to our friends at Holy Cross Community Centre, who have been very supportive. If you’re interested in helping out and volunteering, get in touch with us.

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