News   |   10th June 2024

325th triumphs at Waterloo 2024

Our young people celebrated major success at the Waterloo Shooting Competition, winning four medals including Gold in Under 18s Archery and Gold in Under 12s Crossbow.
Posted by PeterSparks Westwood

This past weekend, a team of our Scouts and Explorers proudly participated in South West Cheshire Scouts’ annual Waterloo Shooting Competition, and what a phenomenal experience it was! Our Scouts and Explorers returned home with an impressive haul of four medals, showcasing their hard work, dedication, and exceptional skills in various disciplines.

As the largest shooting competition for Scouts in the UK this year, with the cancellation of the National Scout Shooting Competition, this event took on even greater significance, providing a much-anticipated platform for our young archers and sharpshooters to shine.

We are thrilled to announce the following achievements:

  • Gold in the Under-18s Archery competition
  • Gold in the Under-12s Crossbow competition
  • Silver in the Under-12s Rifle Knockout competition
  • Bronze in the Under-18s Air Pistol (6yd) competition

Our young peoples’ success this year builds upon their previous accomplishments. Last year, Paige proudly took home a bronze in the Under 18s Archery, and this year she elevated her performance to secure the gold. Our other gold medalist, Finley, was narrowly pipped to winning a second gold medal by an outstanding competitor, but was happy to walk away with two medals. Logan’s bronze medal achievement was also fantastic, narrowly missing out on the finals.

This remarkable performance, against other participants who compete at the national level, is a testament to the dedication and effort of our Scouts and Explorers, particularly those who participate in the Thursday Night Rifle Club. Over the past few months, they have honed their skills and sharpened their focus, culminating in this outstanding achievement.

To celebrate these incredible accomplishments, we will be holding a special session to honour the participants and medal winners and, looking ahead, we are filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for next year’s competitions. The bar has been set high, but with the same spirit of dedication and teamwork, we are confident that our amazing young people will continue to achieve great things.

A huge congratulations to all our Scouts and Explorers who took part in the Waterloo Shooting Competition. Your achievements have made us incredibly proud, and we look forward to supporting you as you aim even higher in the future.

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