News   |   11th June 2024

Announcing our new Squirrels Drey

Thanks to our newest volunteers, we can confirm that our new Squirrel Drey will be opening its doors permanently in the coming weeks.
Posted by AnthonyBaloo Williams

We are thrilled to announce that, following our open event and pilot programme, our Squirrel Drey will be opening its doors on Tuesday, 25 June!

At the administration event following our pilot programme, four incredible volunteers agreed to step forward to ensure that we can run the section, and we are pleased to introduce the Group’s newest section leadership team members.

Rachel, Rebecca, Simon, and Sumra have all agreed to share the Drey Team Lead role, working together to create a fantastic and engaging programme for our Squirrels. Their collaborative spirit and ability to work brilliantly as a team have set a strong foundation for the success of our Squirrel Drey, and we’re beyond pleased with the start they’ve made.

Although they are all new to Scouting, their enthusiasm and dedication have already made a significant impact over the past few weeks, and with the addition of Jorja – our most recent graduate of the Explorer Scout Young Leader programme, and one of our Group’s longest-standing youth members – they’ll also be able to add her experience and commitment.

Our group management team will handle administrative tasks, training, and other support functions while our new recruits grow into their roles, allowing them to focus on building an exciting and nurturing environment for our Squirrel Scouts. Our wider team will also be helping the new volunteers while they complete their training modules, supporting them long into their future roles.

The team is diligently working on their training and program development, all leading up to the launch of the new section on Tuesday, 25 June. With this supportive structure, our Drey Team can dedicate their efforts to developing a wonderful program, ensuring that our youngest Scouts have a balanced, quality programme, and a memorable and enriching experience as part of their first journey in Scouting.

Our Squirrels Drey is already oversubscribed, a testament to the enthusiasm for this new section, but you can still sign your young person up to our waiting list. The first invitations will be offered to young people who attended our open event and trial sessions in the first instance, ensuring that those who have shown initial interest and engagement get the first opportunity to join, and as time goes by, we’ll be encouraging more volunteers to join our team and help us grow the section.

Our thanks, once again, go to Louis Hawker and Amy Schofield from The Scouts who helped and supported us behind the scenes and during our sessions, for helping us get the best possible start to our new provision. If you are passionate about making a difference and have some time to give, we would love to have you on board. Volunteering with us is a rewarding experience and a great way to contribute to the community.

Please join us in welcoming and supporting our new Drey Team as they embark on this exciting journey!

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