News   |   28th June 2024

We have officially started Squirrels!

Our Squirrel Drey has officially started after their 4-week trial program, it was such a blast! Thank you to all the volunteers for all of their hard work to make this happen.
Posted by AndrewKaa Head

There was much excitement in the Squirrel Drey this week as we met together for the first time since the end of the pilot programme.

The Squirrels remembered our routine and were in a good voice to remind the new leaders Happy (Rachel), Roly (Simon), Norrie (Sumra) and Betty (Rebecca) how to sing the Hello Squirrels song.

Storytime was Odd Dog Out, by Rob Biddulph, which helped us to celebrate being ourselves, then we decorated some Squirrels and made collages of things which make us happy. There was just time for Kaa from Cubs to show us the bug hotel in the garden before we gathered to reflect and sing Goodbye Squirrels.

Next week we will be learning the Squirrel Scout Promise in preparation for everyone’s Investiture on 16 July – we can’t wait!

If you have a four or five-year-old who would like to join our Drey, please sign them up to our waiting list and we will be in touch when a place becomes available.

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